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Micah Lancaster's

I'm Possible Training

Micah Lancaster is the inventor of the Rip Cone, the originator of medicine basketball training techniques, and the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world. He is one of the world's most recognized and respected skill development trainers. Micah has worked with players at all levels - grassroots to the pros - including Vic Oladipo, Brandon Ingram, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Mario Chalmers, Evan Turner, Ben McLemore, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Jeremy Lin, and Karl-Anthony Towns and Jewell Lloyd, among others.

Now, Micah Lancaster spends much of his time mentoring trainers, consulting with coaches, and hosting players of all ages and skill levels who travel in from around the world to train with Micah at his residence in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Micah's Story

Standing only 4’11 as a freshman in high school, Micah was told what many players are told these days when facing limitations – GIVE UP! It was at that time, however, that Micah began looking at the impossible a bit differently than everyone else. Micah was determined to succeed and make it to the college level, so he took the     impossible and sought to change it into I’m Possible.

While others played the game, Micah dedicated himself to learn how to train for the game of basketball. Studying the game became his obsession, creating and inventing new drills and training methods became his hobby, and eight hours of repetition per day became his passion.


As a senior in high school, Micah averaged 25 points per game and over 30 points per game in a historic state tournament run that brought his team to Michigan’s final four for the first and only time in school history. That same work ethic and training inventiveness carried Micah through college as an All-American and to the International Basketball League as an All-Star.


Micah soon realized his passion was in teaching and decided to focus on personal basketball training. Micah returned to the gym with a new focus and began to center his efforts on taking his drills, methods, and techniques to the next level.

Since then, Micah Lancaster has gained a worldwide reputation of innovation - even designing, developing, and innovating his own basketball training tools, such as his widely respected Medicine Basketball. Through all of that, Micah's story remains his passion and his guarantee remains the same –


“If I can do it, then so can you!!!”

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